Unique Rattan Wicker Vases for Home Decor

Indonesia is the largest rattan producing country in the world reaching 622,000 tons/ year. This potential makes Indonesia superior in rattan raw material commodities. Even 80% of the rattan furniture in the world is produced by Indonesia. As a result, Indonesia was able to outperform countries in Asia, such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

Some of the islands in Indonesia with the most rattan production, including Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua.

The availability of rattan raw materials becomes a business opportunity for craftsman in Indonesia. In fact, the Government of Indonesia specifically issued policies in the field of regulation since 1986. The seriousness of the Indonesian Government shows that Indonesia has great potential in this field. Before 1986, Indonesia had become the largest rattan-sporing country in the world.

Now the ease of access to technology makes the rattan craft industry has a great opportunity to expand marketing. Therefore, Drootan Indonesia partners with local craftsman providing unique and interesting handicrafts. One of them is Unique Rattan Wicker Vases.

Rattan Wicker Vases Shape and Size

The rattan wicker vases like a vase with a shorter neck than the body of the vase. Rattan wicker vases also have handles so that these vases can be hung in the yard of the house or garden.

Shaped of rattan wicker vases like a tube, rattan wicker vases are 24 cm tall with two different diameters. The diameter of the neck of the vase is 10 cm and the diameter of the vase body is 13 meters. The difference in the diameter of the neck and the body of the vase makes the shape has a curved accent. So it is more aesthetic.

Rattan Wicker Vases Material

Rattan wicker vases are made of white rattan that gives the impression of elegance and natural. The nature of rattan that is easily formed and sturdy makes rattan wicker vases can be placed on the floor or on the table to beautify your home decor.

Rattan Wicker Vases Motif

As the name, rattan wicker vases are made of wicker rattan. Wicker technique uses circular webbing. This technique is suitable for rattan materials.

Basically, the circular webbing technique uses lungsi or wicker media in the form of circular diameters. Then the webbing is wrapped in a circle. Likewise with the side of the vase body.

Rattan material is easily formed then at the corner that separates the vase base with the body, the lungsi are bent upwards according to the height of the vase. After that, the webbing is wrapped in a circular manner according to the height of the lungsi.

Wicker motifs produced with circular webbing techniques are tight motifs. Therefore, rattan wicker vases have the same density so that wicker looks neat.

Rattan Wicker Vases Function

Rattan wicker vases can be used as flower containers. It can be placed in a corner of room or hung on the yard or garden. Rattan wicker vases makes your room look more natural and elegant. Rattan wicker vases are perfect when combined with rattan chairs so that they provide your home warmth and comfort.

Advantages of Rattan Wicker Vases

Not only give a natural feel, rattan wicker vases also have several advantages, such as easy to move and durable. Even compared to vases made from other materials such as glass, rattan wicker vases have a more affordable price. Rattan wicker vases are also included in eco-friendly goods because they belong to sustainable materials. Rattan has a short harvest period, which is 2 years. While other materials such as wood have a long harvest age of 20-30 years.


How to Use Rattan Wicker Vases

Rattan wicker vases increasingly look beautiful if used to store dried flowers. You can add dried flower decorations to rattan wicker vases and place them in the corner of your space. It will make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly.

You can see how to use Rattan wicker vases here!

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(Update on September, 14 2021)



Why Use Wooden Spoon Set? See the Characteristic!

Wooden spoon set is one of the cutlery that is currently starting to be popular. Not only gives an aesthetic impression in your cutlery, wooden spoons set are also suitable for those of you who are reducing the use of plastic and applying zero waste life.

Human awareness to maintain the earth by applying zero waste life becomes an opportunity for craftsman businesses in Indonesia. Therefore, Drootan Indonesia partnership with craftsman in Indonesia to meet the growing market demand both locally and internationally.

Shape and Size of Wooden Spoon Set

In general, the shape of wooden spoons set is the same as a spoon in general. This wooden spoon set is optimally designed so as to provide comfort for users.

Handles that are not too thin and not too wide make this wooden spoon set easy to grip. In addition, wooden spoons set are 18.5 cm long so they are easy to use because they are not too long.

The thickness of wooden spoons set is only 0.5 cm with the tip getting thinner making it easier for you when feeding.

Wood Spoon Set Material

As the name, wooden spoons set are made of wood material. Combined with the best design, wooden spoons set have a light weight but are not easily broken.

Advantages of Wooden Spoon Set

Wood material that is the main material of wooden spoon set has several advantages. Wood does not damage cooking utensils so as not to cause scratches. Therefore, wooden spoon sets are increasingly preferred because they do not damage the pan. Wood material also does not conduct heat so it is safe if left in a container that is being heated.

The next advantage of wood is that it is anti-rust and not corrosive. Therefore, wooden sponge sets are good for the body because they do not react with acidic substances. Even wooden spoon sets can kill germs because they come from wood material. This makes this wooden spoon anti-bacterial even though it has been used for some time.

How to use Wooden Spoon Set

How to use wooden spon set is the same as using a spoon on the general. You can use wooden spoon set to take the honey you will consume. See how it is here!

This wooden spoon set is also suitable to be used as a gift or wedding souvenir. To taking care of the earth and yourself, you can also invite your closest friends to have the same awareness. For other best gifts, you can choose Water Hyacinth Tissue Box Cover, A Beautiful Handicraft as a special gift.

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Update on 14, September 2021.

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