Not Only Unique, Check Out the Advantages of Rattan Craft!

Natural nuanced decoration is increasingly in demand by the community. This decoration can make the residence feel warmer and more comfortable when combined with this decoration. Therefore, it is not surprising that people start looking for natural furniture. One of them is rattan. The increasingly higher market demand makes rattan manufacturers continue to innovate so as to produce unique furniture

Not only its unique shape, rattan furniture also makes the space look more aesthetic. Rattan furniture also has several advantages when compared to other furniture such as wood and ceramic. What are the advantages of rattan furniture? Come on, check out the reviews!

  1. Very Light Weight

In contrast to furniture made of ceramics, glass, and wood, rattan furniture has a lighter weight. This advantage makes rattan furniture easy to move and shift. That way, you can rearrange the decoration of your space whenever you want. Because you can do it alone.

Although it has a lighter weight, rattan furniture is able to withstand weight up to tens of kilograms. Therefore, it is not surprising that rattan craftsmen make beds or sofas from this material.

  1. Decades Old

Rattan furniture has durability for decades. This is what makes rattan furniture more special. Even various types of rattan furniture have passed one generation to the next. So no wonder not when some people pass on this furniture to their grandchildren? Moreover, old rattan furniture gives the impression of vintage that is favored by young people today.

  1. Hold on to All Weather

In addition to its durability for decades, rattan furniture is also resistant in all weathers, both rain and heat. Even rattan furniture is also resistant from damage due to moss growth. Therefore, rattan furniture is also suitable to be placed in the outside of the house such as on the rooftop or terrace garden.

  1. Easy to Shape

The characteristics of easy-to-form rattan make manufacturers have the freedom to innovate about design. Unlike other materials that tend to be rigid and difficult to form. No wonder if the model of rattan furniture is increasingly varied and not outdated. Furniture chairs for example, there are many models of rattan chairs such as squares, rounds and other shapes.

rattan craft

  1. Cheap Price

Although rattan furniture comes with a varied and durable model, you should not hesitate to buy this furniture. Because, rattan furniture is priced at cheap price. When else can you have cheap furniture but luxurious quality?

  1. Easy in the Treatment

For those of you who like practicality, this rattan home furniture can be the right choice. Because the treatment of rattan furniture is practical, so it does not take much time to care for it. You can simply clean the dust attached to the rattan furniture using a small brush to reach the corners. Occasionally, rattan furniture can also be cleaned using a soft cloth and a little soapy water.

  1. Giving a Natural Upset

Natural colors in rattan furniture can present a natural impression. Therefore, this furniture is suitable when combined with classic ethnic interior styles. Not only suitable combined with classic ethnic interior style, rattan furniture is also suitable for modern and minimalist style dwellings. Because rattan furniture comes with a varied model. You can choose rattan furniture with contemporary models to complement modern or minimalist residential design.

  1. Suitable Combined with All Colors

In addition to its natural colors, rattan furniture can also be painted with bright colors to blend the interior style of your home. Because, rattan has a texture that can absorb paint perfectly so the resulting color looks more beautiful. This method can be an option for those of you who want to use rattan furniture to beautify modern-style dwellings.

  1. Eco – Friendly

Rattan is included in sustainable materials because it is made of natural and able to reduce negative impacts on the environment. When compared to wood, rattan is easier to cultivate and takes a fairly short time, which is 2 years. Unlike the tree takes 20 to 30 years before it can be cut down and used into wooden furniture.

Not only used as furniture, rattan can also be used as a material for decorating home decoration. For example, place tissue, flower vases, and basket pots.

rattan basket pots

Now, rattan furniture can be the right choice to beautify your home decor. In addition to unique, beautiful, and durable, the price of rattan furniture is also friendly in the pocket. You can get rattan furniture with a varied model in D’rootan Indonesia. Not only selling rattan furniture, D’rootan also provides home decoration made of rattan, hyacinth, and bamboo. No need to worry about the price, because D’rootan offers a special price with a high quality product. [ahd]

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