Taichung City Rattan Crafts

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Rattan is the main raw material for handicrafts known as plaiting. It is called woven because rattan is formed by weaving together by wrapping it so that each strand of rattan forms a wicker with various shapes and functions. Woven rattan functions as decoration and wearables. Here’s the procedure for making wicker from rattan.

 Taichung City Rattan Crafts

Taichung City Rattan Crafts

Materials and Tools:

– Rattan

– Scissor

– Mold (glass)

– varnish

– Paint

– brush

Steps to make a pencil case from rattan

Prepare the rattan and then soak it in a bowl. This step is done so that the rattan is not easily broken when you shape it, you can also add dye, so that the rattan looks good, wait a while so that the water absorbs and is flexible This step is also done to be safer, from the hard rattan incision to our skin.

Take 3 pieces of rattan slats, 4 cm long. In the 2nd part, add 1 long sheet to make feed (stretched rattan).
Make a wick starting in the middle, wrapped around like an insect repellent. When you have 3 turns, open the nets to start weaving.

When you have reached the desired circle, start by straightening the radius (warp), to form a 3-dimensional webbing. When exhausted, the rattan can be added by slipping it.
If it is already standing, start rewinding the weft until it reaches the desired height and shape. Then, tuck the mold so that the shape can look neat. you just keep twisting it until it’s really formed, the execution is neat, make it carefully, don’t let the side of the rattan pierce our skin.

Rattan Crafts in Taichung

Continue weaving until a certain height is desired, then make the shape according to what you have specified.
For the final result, rattan varnish and rattan beautification with attractive colors.

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